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Our company

Our factory was founded in 1977.For more than three decades, we have accumulated experience in sleep systems. Experience and innovation have made this company in Spain in the sector of mattresses the most consolidated.

The Sleepens product is the result of a meticulous manufacturing process to the ultimate goal of improvement for its customers.

This is facilitated by the use of modern technology machines, creating new products on the basis of an extraordinary plan of R & D + i and professionalism of a team is constantly growing.
Sleepens includes technological advances daily machines, materials and organization that bind the value of a handmade product.

Each mattress is treated with care which deserves to protect the quality and workmanship of the individual parties. In Sleepens parameters of efficiency and resource optimization are followed, with technology and European quality of raw materials and environmentally friendly, with the valid regulations correspond to EUROLATEX, OKO-TEK and OKO-TEK STANDARD 100 and guarantee that none of the substances are harmful to health .

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