Sleepens INNGEL® viscoelastic technology

INNOGEL® mantiene un grado óptimo de oxigenación lo que contribuye a una mejora de la circulación sanguínea.

Sleepens' INNGEL® viscoelastic consists of a high grade of high density gel and viscoelastic of the best quality.

The gel provides an excellent freshness sensation, considerably delaying the absorption of heat, maintaining its freshness for longer and setting a lower maximum temperature than the common viscosities.

Tecnología Inngel

Products with INNGEL® are recommended for people with high sensitivity to heat because it avoids high sweating, being 15% cooler than the common mistletoe.

In addition, it avoids the concentration of heat points in the pressure zones maintaining a more uniform temperature. The INNGEL® mistletoe evacuates moisture and maintains an optimum degree of oxygenation, avoiding sweating and odors, helping prolonged and uninterrupted rest.


Thanks to the high density molecular structure of the gel particles, INNOGEL® viscoelastic foam acquires the characteristic of a thermo-regulating material.


Its gel particles convert the INNOGEL® mistletoe into a breathable material that avoids the concentration of the heat in the main pressure points.

Comfort Improvement

Sleepens is committed to the well-being of its customers, so we invest in R + D + i to manufacture more advanced products and improve the quality of the life of our customers.

Improvement of blood circulation

INNOGEL® maintains an optimum degree of oxygenation which contributes to improve blood circulation.

Tecnología Inngel