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What is the visco InnGel?

The Viscogel or Visco gel is the perfect combination of Viscoelastic (memory foam) and the qualities of the gel, so we have the cloud of the viscoelastic effect and the gel remove the heat from the Viscoelastic with what we have material perfect to ensure a good rest.

The Maxim Matress Inngel is a sleep system created layer by layer independently for a cloud effect while you sleep. It has a system Viscoelastic Angel 4 cm profiled open pore which guarantees total relaxation and thickness: 25cm.

Mite treatment, anti-allergic and antibacterial Sanitized.

 Optimal firmness mattress, memory foam breathable and thermo-sensitive core.

 Eliminating high pressure areas to adapt to body contours.

Consisting of a foam core of 35 kilos of resistance 16 cm thick. This foam has an open cell structure which facilitates air passage allowing breathability.

On the top face, the mattress Maxim Inngel has a 4 cm layer of visco Inngel, whose difference from normal visco gel particles are generating greater freshness, as it usually gives visco normal heat. The visco Inngel is formed by a high degree of gel particles and high density viscoelastic best quality, avoids the concentration of hot spots in the pressure zones maintaining a more uniform temperature.

In addition it wicks moisture and keeps an optimum oxygenation avoiding sweats and smells helping to extended rest without interruptions.

The Stretch Tissue, present on both sides of the mattress, is an elastic, soft and comfortable fabric, made with the best yarns, knitting machines made exclusively dedicated to the world of the mattress is a fabric that can be composed of yarn quality.


Made in the European Union

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